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Welcome To Blue Masked Aviary Home Page
HELLO BIRD LOVERS!! My name is Tina Bailey. I am a housewife and a mother of 5. We own a ranch on 1 1/4 acres of Arizona desert. My interest are all sorts of animals, from horses to goats to even poultry. I am especially interested in breeding and caring for exotic birds. I hope you will look around and maybe I can pass some of my knowledge on to you.
Nanday Conures
These are my nanday conures. They are a 5 year old breeding pair. Their names are WITCH and WIZARD.

My Corkboard

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Tip of the Week!!!
When caring for a baby bird, teaching it to drink can be critical. I like to use a lid to a jar with a layer of marbles in it with the water. This will
keep a baby from drowning and keep it dry. Also, this will induce pecking. As the baby pecks the marbles out of curousity, it also learns to drink.


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